The push ✨

If we knew all the answers to our lives, would we continue to work as hard to achieve greater results? We are led by the unknown, yet surrounded by possibilities that sometimes blind us with fear. Overcome this fear and trust the tools and resources brought together throughout the journey.

The start ✨

The start of 2021 may not be as promising as we may have difficulty meeting some of our personal targets for the New Year. There are still a lot of days ahead. The opportunity for achieving these goals still exists. Be strong, be patient, we will come to a better place within ourselves to keep pushing towards a positive year.

Our energy is high and there will be no limit to our progression. ♥️

Choice ✨

Choose to have a great day, choose to be accessible to others, remove the anger that is written all over the face with a smile.

Thoughts ✨

The gift of compatibility shall not be burdened by expectation, but rather appreciation.

Up ✨

Bare trees and cloudy days can bring some of our happiest souls to their knees. Think of these moments as a time for sifting through thoughts and finding laughter from within until the sun makes a smile from behind the clouds.

Seconds ✨

Every second lived is another instant of eternity.

Forever exists through individual moments spent that cannot be replaced. Thankful♥️

The Day ✨

Our journey goes far beyond the comprehension of man, but every life has its purpose. Do not spend days buried in darkness, but rather embrace the daylight towards new beginnings each day brings us.

Greatness ✨

Be strong, be courageous, have courage, take risks, have hope, believe and do not let anyone or anything stand in the way of your destiny.



Dedication is the same as spiritual and mental power.

Wherever we come from, we can swim in the deepest oceans without fear because we have the dedication and desire to be great.