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Invite ✨

Join me !!!!!!

Host: Cher- Writer and Creator of Inspiring life’s Journey

Date: February 25, 2023, at 4.00pm to 4:30pm

Location: Virtual

Facilitator: Cher

A “Chance We Meet” is an free introduction workshop, to by chance, meet others and view different ways to positively tackle the day. There you will gain different perspectives and understandings of challenges we endure today.

Please Email/ Rsvp on or by 2/11/2023:

Space is limited! I am soooo excited to see you

You will receive a conformation link and further information.

Have a great day!!

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Journey ✨

The journey is heavy for a lot of us today. We find ourselves making sacrifices on the basic necessities and the mechanisms of adaptation that have given us a certain internal peace.

I send strength and good energy your way as a gentle reminder to keep clinging to EVERYTHING that gives strength and motivation. Remember to take care of yourself for those who depend on your smiles and positive energy for their advancement.

In day-to-day stress consumption, we are in this together. Remain strong, proud and understand that temporary setbacks are going to make us stronger than ever, never give up ❤️

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Negativity can seep into a fractured spirit. Remain whole and rooted in powerful things that enlighten our days.