Tools ✨

Intuition is a powerful gift that provides reasoning and understanding to life. At times, we tend to replace our internal feelings with false reckonings for the favored outcome.

Trust our intuitions. Become more self-sufficient by believing in yourself and effectively make life-changing decisions towards an amazing future.


Not defeated✨

To those who experienced trauma, physical or mental abuse and financial hardships in their upbringing. I applaud you all for defying the odds and becoming more than just a statistic but rather an example. Leading us to the understanding that experiences tailored for failure do not define the human one can become. Your contributions to society paint a real picture that you can be a positively successful human being and live a normal life. Though our pasts are not forgotten, one’s conscious can bring forth traumatic images at any time. We can be proud of how far we have come by using those images as motivation and not depression. I thank everyone who continues to work so hard every single day despite a negative past. Those who make the choice of being a great person and are thankful for their journey ❤️

With you ✨

With everyone spending more time together things that wouldn’t normally get under ones skin are now the center of one’s attention. This new normal that no one had time to mentally prepare for has everyone constantly bickering at one another.

Keep in mind life is short, no one’s guaranteed a lifetime with one another. When we find ourselves getting stuck in a combative place, remember why we chose one another. Focus on what’s brought us together, how much we’ve accomplished together, the team we have now become, the paths we have walked together, our laughter and our passions. Together we are each others force. This is hard but thankfully we have another minute, another moment. Let us spend time building together instead of tearing greatness apart. ❤️

Staying strong ✨

If you’re just not feeling yourself lately with everything that’s going and it’s making it harder and harder to deal with the new day, Please, please hang in there. This is a temporary downfall and we will be ok. Regaining control over our finances and employment is coming. It’s hard, but we have overcome so many obstacles in our past that this will not defeat us. If we are the sole providers at home we will continue to lead, love and provide for our families as much as possible to make up for what’s lost. We have each other and will all get through this.

Stay strong ❤️