Connected ✨

Though surrounded by billions of individuals whom seem identical to us, life is rare. Our lives were not taken for granted when created and placed among the rest. Our individual existence and purpose uniquely fits into the universal puzzle to life’s existence.

Life’s Art✨

Photo by @venti.dos

With life, we are constantly creating memories as we journey through the days, weeks and months. These memories will live on through others beyond our time. Take these moments to create the amazing art of your life that represents your story of existence.

Love ✨

Love is fortunate, forgiving and is a uniquely complicated emotion. Love can remove one off one’s path or shape part of one’s path for the better. Be gentle with love as it is a delicate power source to one’s heart that always needs recharging.

❤️ Simple love is never simple …

We will ✨

It’s the human in us that allows for mistakes. It’s the survivor in us that allows failure to not be a option.

Forces can push us but will not stop us ❤️

Reach ✨

Look back to take the hand of another that may need help along their journey. What would a day be without a dream and someone who never believed in your potential.

Guide the way ❤️


Though things may seem content beneath the shadows, and branches. New life awaits our calling.

A path of greatness awaits your destiny…