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Notes to Self ✨

Inspire a life.

Inspire a journey.

Inspire a lifetime of possibilities.

When hard days seem to confound goals, stay connected to a trusted source of positivity to keep you focused on your path to greatness❤️

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Days when daily struggles are weighing heavily on your shoulders. Stay focused on what brings joy and positive stimulation to your day.

You got this ❤️

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Life transitions can be overwhelming, create fear and cause negative changes in the mind, which can make us feel depressed. Remember who you are, stay connected to your path, the journey and the thousands of steps it took to get to ONE day. You are strong and able to do everything necessary to secure each amazing moment that awaits you.❤️

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Possible ✨

Each new day brings with it life-changing possibilities for success. Remain motivated and consistent in your day, allowing for an infinite abundance of creativity, inspiration and positivity towards your destiny.

You are amazing ❤️

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The flow of tears can help to evacuate negative energy and pain. Tap into your inner core and use some of our unique self-healing gifts as needed.

Gifts for life ❤️

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The moments that merit preservation in our long-term memories are those that will add value and prosperity to a bright future.

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Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions, for without them we would not seek inner peace. Forgiveness may not always be the first course of action, but it may be necessary to calm the soul and bring unity and peace to broken connections. Remain clear minded and not distracted by judgement and negativity. Conquer the day to enliven your spirit.

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Dear Human✨

At times, we may lose sight of who we are when staring through your eyes or walking in the midst of your shadows. We sometimes become curious about those who walk beside us, pondering their victories, comparing our losses and analyzing purposes. Remember, we have the tools and resources we need to make our dreams come true, if we believe it. Love is an internal natural energy resource that must be preserved. If we shatter throughout our journeys, we can still pick up the pieces, heal and always be amazing, because we are resilient humans❤️

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Never forget the genuine people whom you have crossed paths with on your journey. These unique connections have helped us to love, grow, smile and understand true human bonds. Always remember that the life pieces given from these links will continue to share positive energy throughout.

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Every second ago is now of the past, the future is yet to exist. Take control of the new minutes and learn to love and exist❤️