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On cold dark starry nights remember to look up and give thanks for life and all that it has brought you. In return, the stars will send you positive energy to go on.

Good energy always uplifts your soul❤️.

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Thoughts ✨

Don’t let cloudy days diminish the rare beauty and purpose of your life’s journey.

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Days ✨

Forgive the bad days, because each day was never intended to be perfect.

Look for motivational cues when you’re going through a hard day and keep moving forward.

A fresh start is possible every 24 hours ❤️

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Journey ✨

Sometimes no matter how well things are going in our lives, we find ways to self sabotage those good feelings with bouts of negativity and sadness.

The keys to winning these battles are to enable us to love and experience the day and fully understand what it means to have power over what we CAN control. We must continue to love every ounce of ourselves, including regrets, mistakes and pain, to embrace positive change.

You always made it through. You are WAY stronger than any challenges or obstacles in your path, even when the obstacle is you❤️

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The struggle will shed light on your inner strength to conquer it with time.

The steep, though difficult mountains have lovely peaks.

Every hard day can be the culmination of a beautiful night.

Storms that emerge from negativity may be eroded by positivity.

The importance of life is not to control it, but to learn to love it UNCONDITIONALLY through whatever it does to advance our path.

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Today ✨

Despite all the trials and tribulations we have made it through another year. Smile today and be thankful for the New Day.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy journey this New Year.

Cheers to new beginnings❤️

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Celebrate the unconditional love of self and the value of self as they are inestimable gifts of the soul.

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Journey ✨

We are not bound by the karma of others.

Good vibrations are with us. ❤️

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The power of belief, acceptance and self-recognition builds a strong defense against negativity.

Consciously existing ❤️

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No matter how tough life is today, it was designed to continue to evolve toward a bright future.