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That which is feared in the dark can be the same fears in the light of day, comforted by familiarity. Trust in your senses, strength and intuition when faced with fear. Be mindful of determination and perseverance as you are challenged.

Darkness and fear are meant to heighten our senses, so we know how to maneuver through life’s obstacles. Fear not what you will triumph over.

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Thoughts ✨

Concentration, self-awareness and actively listening to our surroundings and intuitions are ways to help us remain enlightened.

Be conscious and benevolent for inner peace and tranquility❤️

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Time is not a choice, but the manner in which we spend our time here is a choice.

Use your hands wisely ❤️.

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Forgiveness can help us to reclaim our true powers. Learn to forgive everything we have done to hurt ourselves and others. Letting go can cultivate emotional agility and resilience to strengthen our ability to independence and create space for new experiences.

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The way ✨

Keep your vibrations high by allowing joy, happiness and gratitude in. Remain passionate, harmonious and rested, eliminating stress and negative situations so that we can feel lighter in our physical and mental.

A Universe Connected❤️

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Notes to self✨

Check out the pet shelters to connect with new four-legged friends, support local businesses and always remind yourself that small acts of kindness can spur a lifetime of positive change.

Stay centered❤️

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Tides ✨

Do not store who you are inside the walls of the soul, let that person emerge on the surface and allow your true existence in life.

Rise out of the tide and explore your shore.❤️

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Notes to Self ✨

When love enters the soul, it can alter perceptions and heightened senses, allowing us to disconnect from our inner beings and attaching to its beholder. Stay centered, while it’s good to give love, never forget to maintain self-love❤️

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Purpose ✨

More than a day, More than life, More than an obstacle, it is the purpose of making an impact and creating an ingenious imprint for those who follow.

Inspire a journey ❤️
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You deserve to feel incredible, have great days and explore your creative inspiration❤️