Thoughts ✨

Don’t forget to restore a little love to yourself.

The Walk ✨

Just because we choose not to walk in other people’s shadows does not mean that our own light will not direct a path to victory. Trust the signs in your surroundings and believe in yourself.


Do not fear that which walks, speaks, breathes and thinks like you, remain enlightened with confidence to maneuver through all obstacles.

Become the bridge to your destiny❤️

Notes to Self ✨

Nowadays, it is so easy to get caught up in a web of deceptive normalities, with so many things at our disposal. It’s okay to be and think on our own, to want more or even to do things in your life differently.

Life was not destined to normality.

Stay true to one’s truth. You are amazing❤️


Forgive a troubled past, so that we may have the inner strength, love and good vibrations to echo into our dynamic futures.

The Good Day ✨

– Awakening with clear thoughts.

– Glancing at the morning glow of the sky.

– Arriving safely to the destination.

– Connecting the mind with challenge and overcoming fear of the day.

– Accomplishing all that was placed before us.

– Glancing at the starry night.

– Safe re-entry home to recharge for another day.

In Time ✨

Our perseverance through current challenges will be our future successes.

Today ✨

Awaken undefeated and conquer the day.

The Way ✨

Let a day be greater than one.

May the night be the end of a another beginning.

Receive the wind, which awakens the body and mind.

Feel the rain as it cleanses the soul, freeing it from negativity.


Life offers the opportunities we must believe in our capabilities.

Once we learned we could, we did it ♥️