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Motions ✨

Do not give doubt to things you have yet to push your mind to do.

Positivity can help provide a creative window into the future.

Do not let inner sadness restrict your understanding of the power of life❤️

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Notes to Self ✨

Unconditional love is a universal giving.

Naturally connecting ❤️

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Created from the dust of stars, embodied with the oceans of the earth. You are the gift of life and the spirit of hope. Our unforeseen destiny will not arouse fear, but will instead give strength and determination to eliminate all obstacles on our paths.

Built from the best, to be the best❤️

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Life ✨





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Happiness is a constantly evolving feeling that at times does not seem to exist in the mind and is a source of confusion within the heart. Some days we wonder if the directions to happiness are stored in the map of our minds or is it just wasted away in time.

Happiness can exist through a genuine connection and good energy. Embrace good moments, take deep breaths of life, love and admire yourself. You deserve lovely days and happy moments❤️

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Thanks ✨

Thanks, A poem written by L.G. a High Schooler❤️

thanks to the sun for rising another day
thanks to the moon for setting every day when the sun is ready to wake up
thanks to the stars for always twinkling the brightest colors
thanks to the grass for always being so green
thanks to the trees that provide us our every breath
thanks to the universe for allowing our paths to remain clear even on cloudy days
giving thanks to the things that we overlook
giving our universe appreciation for our beautiful earth
giving our loved ones a hug on the days that the sun doesn’t shine the brightest
giving our best even though it may seem impossible

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Notes to Self ✨

Inspire a life.

Inspire a journey.

Inspire a lifetime of possibilities.

When hard days seem to confound goals, stay connected to a trusted source of positivity to keep you focused on your path to greatness❤️

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Days when daily struggles are weighing heavily on your shoulders. Stay focused on what brings joy and positive stimulation to your day.

You got this ❤️

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Life transitions can be overwhelming, create fear and cause negative changes in the mind, which can make us feel depressed. Remember who you are, stay connected to your path, the journey and the thousands of steps it took to get to ONE day. You are strong and able to do everything necessary to secure each amazing moment that awaits you.❤️

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Thoughts ✨

You are someones inspiration and their motivation to keep pushing forward…

Unknowingly Gifting ❤️