Thoughts ✨

Just because it didn’t happen today doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen tomorrow.

Things are aligning ♥️


Mirage ✨

We did not walk thousands of miles, awake for hundreds of days, to reach a place where darkness and obstructions can try to stop us. We can clearly see through the mirage of failure to a sunny and luminous path towards greatness.

Know your strength. Believe♥️

Hope ✨

The way….

Even when hope feels lost, look outside oneself to know that there is always a means through.

You are the key ♥️

Without A Doubt ✨

At times, we find a Million reasons why when can’t when there are a Billion reasons why we can.


Our bodies are so astonishing that they recover from cuts and bruises that naturally restore health and beauty.

Our Minds and hearts have been made to heal from pain and error, restoring layers of deterioration that negativity fades away.

We fall, we heal, stand tall and continue pushing forward.

We are a tool and an asset of life.♥️

Greatness ✨

The great thing today is that we are stronger than we were yesterday.

Uniquely deigned for greatness.

We become stronger through time, unbreakable ♥️

Notes To Self ✨

Thankful for the endurance to keep moving forward. To walk deep into the shadows of inner strength and find a purpose. Let us not become blinded by fear, but rather enlightened through the barriers of defeat before us.

Recipe ✨

A plate full of passions and a cup full of dreams can equate a lifetime recipe of amazing inspirations.

We got this ❤️

Thoughts ✨

A 1,000 thoughts of past regret will not represent the 1000,000 thoughts of gratitude and amazement that we may bring in the future.