Just because one falls 10 steps behind does not mean one can’t move 100 positive steps forward.

Surround yourself with positive pushers who thrive on helping one flourish genuinely through the storms.


Amazing moments and good days have been installed in time and are awaiting your presence.

Good things will continue to come, no matter how difficult today can feel. ❤️


Sometimes it may feel like the wind and trees are the audience to one’s thoughts. Utilize all that surrounds us to continue to stimulate positive thoughts.

Value the value of a peace of mind ❤️🌍

Gifts ✨

We will overcome our biggest obstacles. We must not give up on ourselves, values and positive beliefs, no matter how difficult a day’s challenge can be.

Stay true to yourself even through times of doubt❤️

September ✨

Dear September,

We admire the beautiful transitions of color you bring. We look forward to a positive and productive month of change, surprise and hope as we mentally prepare for another amazing fall. The number 9 always brings an element of luck and fortune. The cool, crisp air helps to refresh one’s thoughts.

Let’s make it a great one 🍁🍁


All that’s lost will become part of our inner connection and stored in our past thoughts. Those connections will stimulate our determinations, giving clarity and direction on how one can stay on a path of positivity while leaving negativity from one’s past behind.❤️

Life ✨

It’s not a miracle you were given life, there’s a purpose.

Thankful for each day, thankful for each tomorrow..❤️

Untouched ✨

No one thing has the power to permanently break one’s spirits. Negativity and challenge can only make us stronger. Our inner strength is an untouched reflective force that will continue to regenerate, lift and shield us from the very things bringing us down.