Between the ruff patches, there will be moments where everything appears to flow quietly together. Always focus on the moments that bring things together.

The future is bright ♥️


Do not allow rejection and set-backs to diminish your natural gifts. You are worthy of a good life and you will have one.

Stay focused on your journey, always keep moving.

Sunsets ✨

Today’s sunset is a reminder that everything in our world needs to rest and refresh for the new day ahead.

April ✨

April –

A month of cleansing and replenishing. Allow April’s showers to restore life and prosperity within our lives. Connect with nature and it’s beautiful blossoms. Make time for self-nurturing and soul healing. Lucky numbers ☘️ 2,9,20,28

Will ✨

Spend less time questioning your growth and more time getting the most out of your potential. Self-achievement is a secret weapon, a tool built from within that drives us forward every day. Be great, fearless, and believe in your ability to accomplish greatness. Always remember a bad day did not choose you out of weakness, but rather a testament to your strength to overcome.

The Picture ✨

Self-restoration is a healing process that helps restore positivity in the mind, getting rid of any negativity that is deeply hidden within our subconscious.

At times we may become blinded by our own negativity as it can be the fuel that helps us through difficult days, creating an invisible shell of who we really are.

While life is hard, we are all we have to make our days brighter, reconnect and make a positive difference to yourself and others. Why? For this is truly the only way to be part of what life truly is, survival, love, fulfillment, gratitude, grief, failure and endurance.

Plant new spiritual seeds, give them a good energy and watch them grow ♥️

Spring ✨

Written by Leana G. young poet, 8th grade.. ♥️


spiritual connecting ourselves to the sun
blooming flowers growing from the ground
the sound of children playing from all around
the universe booming it’s beautiful radiation of heat on the earth
it’s refreshing and time for rebirth
the time where our hearts sing
a time to be happy and filled with glee
spring time is the time for us to succeed

Thoughts ✨

Our forever is now.

We must map out our paths and destinations to be inclusive of self-healing, exploration, companionship and adventure. This can help to refresh and restore the momentum needed to cope with our everyday routines.

Be kind to yourself ♥️

Full Moon ✨

May the first full wolf moon of 2021 shine and illuminate the universe and our lives with positive energy and good vibes to wear throughout the year.

The Only Way ✨

Keep goodness in your heart and the mind will easily follow.♥️