The move ✨

Some of the best of us have taken moments to look at life and wonder if we had done a few things differently where would we be standing at this very moment. Thankfully the reflection helps to appreciate how far we’ve come, what we have conquered, and keeps us questioning the significant events coming into our futures. While we shouldn’t remain content with today’s progression, we can continue being proud of our journeys.

From tricycles to bicycles we never stop moving.

Amazing you✨

A goal for most of us lately is adapting to today’s new normal for tomorrow’s big wins.

Thankfully, we all continue to work hard spiritually, mentally and physically. Our inner strengths never allow one to become idle no matter how big of a challenge from life.

Let it go ✨

There is no handbook when coping with the day-to-day stresses of life. How one thinks and feels are natural emotions that should be expressed and released into the universe for inner peace. ❤️

The process ✨✨

Existing through our days and internally being a walking temple of emotions, feeling and thoughts are sometimes beyond one’s realm of comprehension.

More ✨

Today is more than just another day. Today is forever connected to our individual timelines of life. Today’s footprints will one day serve as guidance for those who choose to take a step back along their paths.


Being alone now doesn’t mean your forever alone .

Labeled broken doesn’t mean you can’t be fixed.

Making mistakes doesn’t mean someone won’t find you perfect.

One’s regrets will one day transpire into positive growth.