Tides ✨

When swimming against the tides of life, we will find the breath, energy and understanding. Continue to flow with the ways of water that connect us back to life.

Forward positive thoughts ♥️


Between the ruff patches, there will be moments where everything appears to flow quietly together. Always focus on the moments that bring things together.

The future is bright ♥️

Time ✨

We all seem to have a different and important destination, sometimes on the same paths simultaneously. Does time signify all that we know and think? Do we realize that, whatever day-to-day obstacles we face, our existence is the most fascinating and important part of our daily life. We are here to learn, love, explore and build bridges for others to cross. Although time should not be taken for granted, you are so special and important to the people around which you connect and spend time with.

Without you, time would be non-existent.

Thankful for another day.

Refresh ✨

Allow windy days to blow any negative thoughts away.

The gift of the wind, its natural purification.


Even though love may have lost its way from our hearts, a soulmate is a person to never give up in its quest to find you .♥️

Love and its many possibilities.🌍


Our time will come when we will awaken to the realization that our individual losses were a small sacrifice for the greater things to come in our futures.

Thankful for the day beyond yesterday. ♥️🌍


Rejection will never define one’s purpose .

Never give up on your dreams ♥️

Refocus ✨

Our time here is rare, precious with so much to experience that we should not spend time focusing on moments that cannot ever be exchanged.

Look to where the sun continues to rise even if for a moment seems to make the day feel better.

Create unbelievable moments, you are a special part of this journey. ♥️


Do not allow rejection and set-backs to diminish your natural gifts. You are worthy of a good life and you will have one.

Stay focused on your journey, always keep moving.

Thoughts ✨

Destinys are not fulfilled with luck they are driven by strength.

We are built like no other, unique and designed for victory. ♥️