Seven ✨

✨July brings warmth from the sun that will stimulate our passions and motivations towards achieving family and personal goals. The number seven also represents luck🍀and hope. Dream big this month and stay connected from within🌏

Spirit Dimmers✨

Spirit dimmers are those we allow into our lives who’s main goal is to slowly diminish our spirits through negativity and judgement. When present keep your mind filled with positivity and confidence, while not letting one ounce of negativity within. Stay focused on the good person you are and do not become distracted

Family Thanks✨

Gray clouds won’t last forever ❤️

To all the family’s staying strong and not buckling under the pressure of all that we are facing. We give thanks for your commitments and your examples of what bonds and strength look like during these hard times. Thank you for leading the way for our future generation by showing unity, and not diversion during these unforeseen events. Family moments like these will stay with us forever.

Giving ✨

Giving love to the many who stay.

Giving energy to those we cross on our paths.

Giving strength to the families and friends who struggle during this time.

Giving inspiration to the many who inspire others, while providing hope.

Giving courage to those who can and will make it, believe.

Giving a huge thank you to those who never gave up on others who needed them most.


Divorce is one of the hardest things in life for a family. Today it seems like it’s almost inevitable. If this is the current state of someone’s relationship please look to loved ones for support and guidance. They care and love you and just want you to be ok. Keep in mind whoever you are, you are an amazing soul and though things didn’t work out in this relationship, your soul mate is looking for you and will find you. Take care of your spirit, allow it to continue to internally shine bright. Regardless of today’s dark place, your spirit will guide you in the right direction. You’re lovable and capable of giving and receiving the love you deserve. Though today feels like mountains of pain sitting on your shoulders, the stars and universe will work their magic to lift those mountains, restoring your heart to become bigger and stronger than ever before. ❤️

Staying strong ✨

If you’re just not feeling yourself lately with everything that’s going and it’s making it harder and harder to deal with the new day, Please, please hang in there. This is a temporary downfall and we will be ok. Regaining control over our finances and employment is coming. It’s hard, but we have overcome so many obstacles in our past that this will not defeat us. If we are the sole providers at home we will continue to lead, love and provide for our families as much as possible to make up for what’s lost. We have each other and will all get through this.

Stay strong ❤️