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On cold dark starry nights remember to look up and give thanks for life and all that it has brought you. In return, the stars will send you positive energy to go on.

Good energy always uplifts your soul❤️.

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Invite ✨

Join me !!!!!!

Host: Cher- Writer and Creator of Inspiring life’s Journey

Date: February 25, 2023, at 4.00pm to 4:30pm

Location: Virtual

Facilitator: Cher

A “Chance We Meet” is an free introduction workshop, to by chance, meet others and view different ways to positively tackle the day. There you will gain different perspectives and understandings of challenges we endure today.

Please Email/ Rsvp on or by 2/11/2023:

Space is limited! I am soooo excited to see you

You will receive a conformation link and further information.

Have a great day!!

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The struggle will shed light on your inner strength to conquer it with time.

The steep, though difficult mountains have lovely peaks.

Every hard day can be the culmination of a beautiful night.

Storms that emerge from negativity may be eroded by positivity.

The importance of life is not to control it, but to learn to love it UNCONDITIONALLY through whatever it does to advance our path.

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Thoughts ✨

Concentration, self-awareness and actively listening to our surroundings and intuitions are ways to help us remain enlightened.

Be conscious and benevolent for inner peace and tranquility❤️

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Connectors ✨

Spirits and souls are gifts of our individual nature. Never allow negative energy to penetrate deeply into these two vital connectors, remain true to yourself and let no rejection or objection break you.

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Good ✨

It’s okay to accept good things in your life, when it’s your turn, it’s your turn, no questions need to be asked.

You deserve it❤️

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Encourage ✨

Earth gives so much of itself each and every day to keep us all connected. Utilize this energy to encourage others to do great things with life. Explain the beauty, importance and purpose of our existence.

Forever connected❤️

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Journey ✨

Life bares the weight of internal heaviness. Remain focused and positive to elevate the coming of days.

Journey ❤️

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When you look towards the stars and make your wish, make sure you speak in detail about what it is you are looking for ❤️

Keep on wishing ..

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Notes to self ✨

The only condition of love is that you never give up on it. ❤️