Reflect ✨

A mirror may hold some of our innermost thoughts. Make sure to think positively and fortunately at this reflective image to keep the balance and good energy flowing towards you.

Day ✨

You deserve to have a good day♥️

Beauty ✨

Love and connection seem to flow naturally as they become real. Love does not have to feel forced, expected or suffocated. Our presence with one another is a great gift and should be cherished, respected, endured and not taken for granted. Share this connection with others close to you, see that the foundation of your love may shine forth within the hearts of others.

Spring ✨

Written by Leana G. young poet, 8th grade.. ♥️


spiritual connecting ourselves to the sun
blooming flowers growing from the ground
the sound of children playing from all around
the universe booming it’s beautiful radiation of heat on the earth
it’s refreshing and time for rebirth
the time where our hearts sing
a time to be happy and filled with glee
spring time is the time for us to succeed

Thoughts ✨

Our forever is now.

We must map out our paths and destinations to be inclusive of self-healing, exploration, companionship and adventure. This can help to refresh and restore the momentum needed to cope with our everyday routines.

Be kind to yourself ♥️

The Need ✨

We should not take for granted the basic necessities that we are so fortunate to have. I wish nobody would ever have to worry about these needs because they were always abundant for all. I hope that someday soon we can all have what we need and more, live, be. Life is so short for that kind of struggle and concern. One thing is sure: We will be strong, we will have hope, we will overcome it because brighter days are ahead.

Thoughts ✨

We swam, crawled, stumbled a little, and then began walking. As far as I can remember giving up was never an option. The chances of you and me on this planet, suspended in space, existing and surviving is our greatest feat. The billions of people here can cause life to feel recycled, but each of our lives is incredibly unique and rare. Though we may still stumble sometimes, we continue to stand tall. Let us live in the present and reconnect with our dreams. There is nothing you or I can’t get through.

The Blue 🦋 and Red Butterflies✨

Written by, Lea G.

A little inspiration from a young poet 🦋

The b in blue stands for beautiful, but my whole life I did not see
the beauty that was held beneath me
the red her wings held
oh boy it made my heart swell
she was as sweet as a strawberry, but as red as a tomato
but the feelings that built up inside of me felt like a tornado
the insecurities I got from that red butterfly
it made me just want to cry
but as I soared through the sky and saw the colors
the vibrant, beautiful blue was like no other
I saw the beauty in myself and started to believe
I am worth it and that’s all I needed to be
I am the blue butterfly

Cues ✨

Sometimes we may feel our creative spark that, once so bright and powerful, has faded, leaving our creativity in darkness. When it comes to this point, we need to seek inspirational cues from the things around us to help regenerate our passions and ignite our motivations.

The spark never left, it can just be buried inside by a little fear and doubt, but it is always ready to shine brilliantly by confidence.


Live ✨

Live the next 24 hours dedicated to the future, while leaving the last 24 hours in their place of the past.

Every hour is a lifetime. ♥️