Thoughts ✨

Our truths will always be the fundamental foundations to our personal growth and evolution.

To know oneself leaves room for reform, not conform❤️


A good day starts with an open mind and continues when we incorporate one’s presence, intellect and insight throughout our days.

Our individual purpose is so much bigger than imagined. You count ❤️


Still standing, when things around us seem to hinder our potential.

Still standing, when rejection may blindside our judgments and perceptions.

Still standing, when certain changes were not part of our intuitions.

In the end, we will stand strong, facing every obstacle head on with extreme perseverance, courage and belief into our destinies.❤️


The beauty in some people or things naturally resonates positive energy, allowing others to see and feel what truly inspires goodness.

A walk on a fall day is a reminder of the holiday season ahead and how lucky we are to witness the trees and their beautiful transitions. ❤️✨

The move ✨

Some of the best of us have taken moments to look at life and wonder if we had done a few things differently where would we be standing at this very moment. Thankfully the reflection helps to appreciate how far we’ve come, what we have conquered, and keeps us questioning the significant events coming into our futures. While we shouldn’t remain content with today’s progression, we can continue being proud of our journeys.

From tricycles to bicycles we never stop moving.

This Saturday ✨

The odds didn’t stop our awakening today. We can, we will, we are thankful for another day. This Saturday we will replace negativity with positive thoughts, let down walls and connect. The amount of work it took to make it today, says so much about who we are pushing toward to tomorrow. ❤️


Just because one falls 10 steps behind does not mean one can’t move 100 positive steps forward.

Surround yourself with positive pushers who thrive on helping one flourish genuinely through the storms.


Amazing moments and good days have been installed in time and are awaiting your presence.

Good things will continue to come, no matter how difficult today can feel. ❤️


Sometimes it may feel like the wind and trees are the audience to one’s thoughts. Utilize all that surrounds us to continue to stimulate positive thoughts.

Value the value of a peace of mind ❤️🌍