Within ✨

It’s not rejection, It’s acceptance that in time something amazing will come our way.

Feeling down is something we all experience, but understanding you are truly one of a kind, unique and that people do genuinely care about your well-being is important. Try really hard to focus on things that will keep your mind off whatever it is bringing you down. While these moments of feeling down seem life changing, the biggest changes in life come when we say ok…today I’m ok, I will get through this…my life and inner peace are important to me. I know it’s a small start but you got this.

One things for sure, I’m thankful for you.❤️stay strong 🌏

Not Broken …✨

Those of us who have experienced a painful childhood. I know at times its not easy coping with that pain and replaying the past in ones mind over and over again. It’s pain that will definitely stay with us forever. Regardless of that pain, we are not broken, we do not have to fail because we feel failed, we can have love, set goal for ourselves and succeed. We are worthy of a life of happiness and are not any less of person because we feel our childhoods were less than others. Our foundations can be solid, we are capable of love and can encourage others with sound advice. We can have normal families and live normal lives. We do not have to become a statistic because our childhood raised the level of risk. We can be great because our future family is depending on us now to get it right. Time to take control, to move forward and be great, we got this ❤️❤️❤️ by cher0805