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On cold dark starry nights remember to look up and give thanks for life and all that it has brought you. In return, the stars will send you positive energy to go on.

Good energy always uplifts your soul❤️.

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Invite ✨

Join me !!!!!!

Host: Cher- Writer and Creator of Inspiring life’s Journey

Date: February 25, 2023, at 4.00pm to 4:30pm

Location: Virtual

Facilitator: Cher

A “Chance We Meet” is an free introduction workshop, to by chance, meet others and view different ways to positively tackle the day. There you will gain different perspectives and understandings of challenges we endure today.

Please Email/ Rsvp on or by 2/11/2023:

Space is limited! I am soooo excited to see you

You will receive a conformation link and further information.

Have a great day!!

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To breathe doesn’t always mean to catch one’s breath. Sometimes time is necessary to touch the flowers along our paths, to live a life a bit carefree or to just heal inside from past trauma.

A breather will give us inner strength and balance to face the days ahead with an open mind for positivity❤️

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Days ✨

Forgive the bad days, because each day was never intended to be perfect.

Look for motivational cues when you’re going through a hard day and keep moving forward.

A fresh start is possible every 24 hours ❤️

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Journey ✨

Sometimes no matter how well things are going in our lives, we find ways to self sabotage those good feelings with bouts of negativity and sadness.

The keys to winning these battles are to enable us to love and experience the day and fully understand what it means to have power over what we CAN control. We must continue to love every ounce of ourselves, including regrets, mistakes and pain, to embrace positive change.

You always made it through. You are WAY stronger than any challenges or obstacles in your path, even when the obstacle is you❤️

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Today ✨

Despite all the trials and tribulations we have made it through another year. Smile today and be thankful for the New Day.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy journey this New Year.

Cheers to new beginnings❤️

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Gifts ✨

The holidays are beautiful moments of time that can stimulate positive energy in our days..

The holidays can also be a sad reminder of the beautiful souls who no longer follow the path of life next to us.

Always remember that nothing can really leave that which we hold alive in our hearts. As long as we are here, we will hold on to precious memories and energies that will keep them present and connected with us forever.

Be strong, be brave and never lose sight of your natural gifts to keep love connected. ❤️

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Notes to Self ✨

Unconditional love is a universal giving.

Naturally connecting ❤️

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Happiness is a constantly evolving feeling that at times does not seem to exist in the mind and is a source of confusion within the heart. Some days we wonder if the directions to happiness are stored in the map of our minds or is it just wasted away in time.

Happiness can exist through a genuine connection and good energy. Embrace good moments, take deep breaths of life, love and admire yourself. You deserve lovely days and happy moments❤️

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Thanks ✨

Thanks, A poem written by L.G. a High Schooler❤️

thanks to the sun for rising another day
thanks to the moon for setting every day when the sun is ready to wake up
thanks to the stars for always twinkling the brightest colors
thanks to the grass for always being so green
thanks to the trees that provide us our every breath
thanks to the universe for allowing our paths to remain clear even on cloudy days
giving thanks to the things that we overlook
giving our universe appreciation for our beautiful earth
giving our loved ones a hug on the days that the sun doesn’t shine the brightest
giving our best even though it may seem impossible