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After a hard day, remind yourself that you’ve made it through. Recharge by focusing on the things you have programmed into the spirit that stimulate joy and comfort. Tomorrow we’ll be ready, ready to make the most of everything that yesterday tried to take.

Stay Strong❤️

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That which is feared in the dark can be the same fears in the light of day, comforted by familiarity. Trust in your senses, strength and intuition when faced with fear. Be mindful of determination and perseverance as you are challenged.

Darkness and fear are meant to heighten our senses, so we know how to maneuver through life’s obstacles. Fear not what you will triumph over.

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Thoughts ✨

Concentration, self-awareness and actively listening to our surroundings and intuitions are ways to help us remain enlightened.

Be conscious and benevolent for inner peace and tranquility❤️

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Tides ✨

Do not store who you are inside the walls of the soul, let that person emerge on the surface and allow your true existence in life.

Rise out of the tide and explore your shore.❤️

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Purpose ✨

More than a day, More than life, More than an obstacle, it is the purpose of making an impact and creating an ingenious imprint for those who follow.

Inspire a journey ❤️
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The Call✨

Every day, as we rise, embracing life’s daily routine, we should also listen to our intuitive callings.

Callings are our powers and abilities to guide our journey, and to help guide the journeys of others when necessary for the good of life. Keep the good energy flowing through the universe, accepting the intentional connections we have to help one another.

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Notes to self ✨

Have a presence during the day.

Engage with good energy.

Follow the flow of light toward the intended purposes.

Be attentive to instincts.

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Thoughts ✨

Fulfilling a day is one of the biggest challenges of life. Be proud of every effort put towards every second of not giving up.

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A month for mastering the negative whispers of the mind.

Understand that we are mentally strong even when the days ahead can bring months of challenges.

We are one of a kind.

As we walk from within, we will do everything in our power to project positivity and brightness.

Life will not break us, why? Because you have always been designed with the finest and most solid pieces of life❤️

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On a day-to-day basis, we cross paths with one another, sometimes only once in a lifetime as we travel through our life journeys. To help STOP the spread of negativity, SMILE more at those encounters, and remember that each being is something special to someone else.