The Joy ✨

After a past full of trauma and pain for the first time in a while, we felt the need to laugh and smile at all that gave rise to joy. Even if this feeling would last for just a moment. It was at this point that we realized how much we had grown up, where we had been, and that we could feel and accept joy.

Open yourself to a world smiling with new possibilities ♥️

Today ✨

“Today” is such a powerful word because it is a celebration of life around the world. Love today and every day, we are here!

Have an amazing one ♥️

Reconciliation ✨

No matter how difficult a day can be, words like can’t, never and quit should not be used to reconcile the day. Though the day has ended, life has not. Aim for a peaceful and positive transition to the new day.

A Soul✨

Recognize the goodness and presence of the soul and perhaps we shall never lose it again in the shadow of darkness.

A soul is forever ♥️