The day we knew we were great was the day we realized we would never let anything break us

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Purpose ✨

When we are dehydrated by life, we can drink from the fountains of strength and perseverance. Find the will of purpose to continue pushing forward.

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What Self-Care Means to Me?

Dec 11 Written By Cher


I am Cher, creator and writer of:
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I am someone who believes in having a genuine connection to energy and the universe. Self-care to me is an essential part of daily life. It’s a way of saying thank you for letting me be myself, through healing, giving love, putting care and time into my spirit.

Self-care can boost positivity, radiance, and healing energy not only for yourself, but for others around you. When you feel great, it keeps that positivity flowing to everyone.

One of my favorite things to do for self-care is to keep candles around to help refresh my thoughts and recharge my space. I get the Sage + Lavender candle from Botanica Naturale, I love the smell. You can also do things that do not require spending money, such as refining your space and cleaning your car. Any little thing that makes you feel good inside, is all part of healing and self-care. I also love music, so any time I feel a bad day creeping up, I just pop in the AirPods and that puts me in a pleasant space.

Time will never stop, and we must prioritize ourselves and our inner peace.

With that said, always make time for yourself, stay positive, glance at nature for clarity and remember no matter how hard a day feels, there’s always a better day coming.

Cheers to self-care and you♥️


The Way ✨

Let a day be greater than one.

May the night be the end of a another beginning.

Receive the wind, which awakens the body and mind.

Feel the rain as it cleanses the soul, freeing it from negativity.

A Walk of Life ✨

A journey with many paths, a directional pattern towards destiny.

Along the way, look for branches of hope, take deep breaths of inspiration and always choose to spread positivity as a way to encourage others.

Essential ✨

An essential element of existence is not to remain stuck in the mistakes and regrets of the past, but rather to be humbled by the good times and achievements of today.

Pure ✨

The sun gives us energy, the moon holds our thoughts and the wind carries our wishes.

Nature is life, Nature is you ♥️

Power ✨

It’s never the end until we let go. Stay engaged, concentrated and passionate about everything you aspire to become. Dream big, laugh hard and trust your spirit. Listen to your heart and become attuned to your consciousness.

Crossroads ✨

With time comes growth.

In time fear becomes less intimidating.

With time, we sense how strong we’ve become.

In time we truly understand the significance and value of life.

With time, self-realization is our goal to never give up.

On our journey, we will create a true expression of purpose♥️


When our journeys and destinies come together, a powerful force of perseverance comes to life, giving the illumination of self to push further.

Clarity is with us, never give up ♥️