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Remember to look beyond all that is familiar with being in love or loved. Embrace all the lovely harmonious elements and energies of the universe.

Notes to Self ✨

May our days be filled with good energy so that we can achieve great things .

Positivity is within ❤️

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What Self-Care Means to Me?

Dec 11 Written By Cher


I am Cher, creator and writer of:
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I am someone who believes in having a genuine connection to energy and the universe. Self-care to me is an essential part of daily life. It’s a way of saying thank you for letting me be myself, through healing, giving love, putting care and time into my spirit.

Self-care can boost positivity, radiance, and healing energy not only for yourself, but for others around you. When you feel great, it keeps that positivity flowing to everyone.

One of my favorite things to do for self-care is to keep candles around to help refresh my thoughts and recharge my space. I get the Sage + Lavender candle from Botanica Naturale, I love the smell. You can also do things that do not require spending money, such as refining your space and cleaning your car. Any little thing that makes you feel good inside, is all part of healing and self-care. I also love music, so any time I feel a bad day creeping up, I just pop in the AirPods and that puts me in a pleasant space.

Time will never stop, and we must prioritize ourselves and our inner peace.

With that said, always make time for yourself, stay positive, glance at nature for clarity and remember no matter how hard a day feels, there’s always a better day coming.

Cheers to self-care and you♥️


January ✨

The beginning of a new journey, encouraging endured and anticipated. Stay open and generous in your thoughts, pace your mind, ease fears and stay at a steady pace. All things planned will work out in time. Remember those who have been lost for inspiration. Hold onto your dreams and goals firmly.

You got this.❤️🏁

New ✨

A New Year
A New Dream
A New Glimmer of Hope
A New Thought
A New Inspiration
A New Day
A New Life

Notes to Self ✨

Nowadays, it is so easy to get caught up in a web of deceptive normalities, with so many things at our disposal. It’s okay to be and think on our own, to want more or even to do things in your life differently.

Life was not destined to normality.

Stay true to one’s truth. You are amazing❤️


Forgive a troubled past, so that we may have the inner strength, love and good vibrations to echo into our dynamic futures.

Thoughts ✨

Motivation helps to overcome obstacles, positivity boosts growth, beauty is within each day of life and self-love is strength. Thoughts and souls give us uniqueness.

Guardians of the mind and beautiful memories♥️


At night, when we observe the moonlight shining through the darkest clouds. We should be mindful that we have the same energy to shine through our darkest days.

Strength is all around us ♥️

November ✨

A month to work on inner peace, stimulate spirits and walk our way this month at a pace of comfort. Connect with family and friends and tap into your inner creativity and inspirations for serotonin stimulation. Maintain pure thoughts and positive energy♥️

Lucky numbers ☘️ 3,7,8,18,24,28