Unsettled ✨

Unsettled friendships should not require negative wishes. For inner peace and restoration, wish nothing more but good thoughts and positive wishes for those we once crossed paths with. We can learn and grow from every human interaction to help settle one’s core.



When younger there are many fears or uncertainties when deciding some direction towards a path for our futures. This fear becomes a tremendous source of daily anxiety and interferes with life’s purpose. While life is definitely scary, have strength, know there are a ton of opportunities that were designed and created just for you. You will have the chance to fulfill your dreams, bring creativity forward and choose a destination that you feel connected to despite any setbacks that are faced. There is resilience and perseverance in your beings to make it out of anything and to be successful. Your future is not just in your hands, but it is brought to life through your eyes.

A Friend ✨

A gentle ear. A connected heart that walks with us along our paths. A bond meant to nurture and grow. Uplifting, transparent and honest. Not mirroring, but reflective.

Friendships can allow us to share one’s energy and thoughts. You can seek and learn life and techniques that allow us to benefit from our journeys.


Never ever give up dreams and aspirations because of others anticipations. Our passion clocks flow through our souls and determine our levels of successes. Stay in-tune. Greatness awaits.

You got this ❤️


October, a month of love, radiance and elevation. Let us absorb the natural energy from its beautiful autumn transitions. Allow creativity to flow through our hands and minds. Make some time for fun and smiles. Send some words of encouragement to a friend in need. Search for numbers that brings hope and luck ☘️into our days.

Have an amazing October with positive vibes. ❤️


My September was a huge imbalance, a roller coaster of unforeseen events. Staying positive and focusing on everything I could control kept me extremely grounded. I am always grateful for the challenges I face as they allow me to appreciate life with the understanding of what shouldn’t be taken for granted and what I should continue being thankful for.

Here’s to an amazing October 😍

Thoughts ✨

Accountability is a success in life that will only lead our journeys beyond the stars, inspire personal growth and give the clarity needed to accomplish greater things.

It’s hard owning one’s truth, but in the end, we will gain more trust and belief in ourselves, restoring the confidence in others that love us.❤️

One step, One day, One journey at a time.


So many great things are out there waiting just for you.


Kindness and generosity are not taught, but rather acquired through observation and sparked from within.

We can’t say we want the best for others when we continue to bring those true to us down.

Be kind and generous in spirit to those that build us up.

Do not seek justification through negative actions or judgements towards others who stand beside your stormy weathers.

Though we are directed by our minds we lead with our hearts. Stay true, stay connected. ❤️