Not defeated✨

To those who experienced trauma, physical or mental abuse and financial hardships in their upbringing. I applaud you all for defying the odds and becoming more than just a statistic but rather an example. Leading us to the understanding that experiences tailored for failure do not define the human one can become. Your contributions to society paint a real picture that you can be a positively successful human being and live a normal life. Though our pasts are not forgotten, one’s conscious can bring forth traumatic images at any time. We can be proud of how far we have come by using those images as motivation and not depression. I thank everyone who continues to work so hard every single day despite a negative past. Those who make the choice of being a great person and are thankful for their journey ❤️


Whether a new position, journey, friendship, partnership, or anything that we may have felt confidently in taking on, but are now at odds within ourselves with doubt. First, we all know the saying that things come into our lives for a reason. What if the reason this time was for us to not doubt ourselves? What if this time we were supposed to keep confidence flowing all the way through and become open to accepting changes and chances for new experiences or interactions with others. What if the reason behind the purpose was simply to let us know WE CAN and nothing more…

Giving ✨

Giving love to the many who stay.

Giving energy to those we cross on our paths.

Giving strength to the families and friends who struggle during this time.

Giving inspiration to the many who inspire others, while providing hope.

Giving courage to those who can and will make it, believe.

Giving a huge thank you to those who never gave up on others who needed them most.


Divorce is one of the hardest things in life for a family. Today it seems like it’s almost inevitable. If this is the current state of someone’s relationship please look to loved ones for support and guidance. They care and love you and just want you to be ok. Keep in mind whoever you are, you are an amazing soul and though things didn’t work out in this relationship, your soul mate is looking for you and will find you. Take care of your spirit, allow it to continue to internally shine bright. Regardless of today’s dark place, your spirit will guide you in the right direction. You’re lovable and capable of giving and receiving the love you deserve. Though today feels like mountains of pain sitting on your shoulders, the stars and universe will work their magic to lift those mountains, restoring your heart to become bigger and stronger than ever before. ❤️