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By choice or …… ✨✨

For those of us who have been in committed relationships or even those in new ones, we can sometimes feel our partners’ willingness to commit is not a choice but more of an obligation based off the amount of time each partner has vested into the relationship. It’s really important despite the length of time with a person, understanding commitment given to one another is voluntary no matter how much love is involved. We should be thankful for each day with our partner, thankful at the end of our long days we share a common goal of finding our way back to one another. In life finding someone who wants to be present and contributes towards an amazing future is extremely difficult to find. Take each moment in and embrace your love, your partner. Those who are still seeking companionship, just know your soul mate is looking for you as well☺️ and your paths will cross❤️ stay strong, stay connected.

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Facing the day…😟

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There are days we’ve awakened to a to-do list of like 59 billion tasks. We may find ourselves wondering how on earth can we accomplish these task and still keep our sanity. My first thoughts are to stay calm, I know we are capable of executing every task on this list and if we can’t because of some unforeseen event I tell myself I’m ok with that as well. Most times If you’re like me these tasks simply cannot wait and must be completed. Things that have helped throughout my day when it comes to dealing with heavy pressure is trying to remove as much of the anxiety as possible. I begin telling myself you got this or it’s ok to relax those racing thoughts, taking many deep breaths, thinking of something hilarious, jokingly saying this list is a piece of cake when it’s more like chewing on a brick, remaining calm and still being open to others opinions. Also, if you find yourself becoming moody or frustrated over your list, try to not overwhelm yourself take your day one step at a time. Repeat to yourself you got this, you can and you will get these take done today. Shy away from as many negative thoughts as possible. Sometimes it’s the little whispers of daily reminders to ourselves that can pull us out of any overwhelming long days ahead. Be kind to yourself , you can do it ! ❤️