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Beyond the trees ✨

Understanding what we can’t personally change about ourselves, accepting and embracing who we are working so hard to become, not becoming consumed by our false realities and imperfections reflected from others perfections and perceptions ❤️❤️

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As the brisk air brushed along my face, I can remember being young and super excited for a trip across the George Washington Bridge to see my family. Although I was happy for the visit, the thought of crossing a huge bridge with water, extreme heights and the feeling of flying while driving was the most terrifying thing that I can remember. When we finally arrived at the bridge, my mom began searching for any loose change to give to the toll collector, we then began driving slowly towards the bridge. As we began crossing, I can remember feeling overcome with fear, crying hysterically and telling myself over and over I didn’t want to cross this bridge. My mom tried providing comfort by telling me to relax we’re almost across. As we neared the bridges end, I remembered feeling extremely thankful to have made it over and the joy I felt seeing my family.

Crossing bridges can be just as terrifying for anyone.

Today I share a connection with that moment because it’s given me the courage to overcome many of the fears and risks I’ve experienced or will take my along my journey.

There’s isn’t any bridges in life we face that we cannot cross. ❤️ the journey begins…