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A story of hope✨

Thank you , -Norma Harris for sharing your journey , in hopes of inspiring others into never giving up ❤️

We as mothers often place our needs, wants and dreams aside for our children’s. Why? Because were hard-wired to do so. Now, don’t get me wrong, that still stands true. But at some point we have to do what makes us individually happy, right? Like they say, if mom’s not happy then no one is.

After having twins and becoming a mother of four. I began toying around with the idea of starting my own businesses. In 2018, I ventured into my first business of customizing gift boxes intended for Brides and Bridal parties. During that venture, I actually loved full-filling the needs of the many brides and bridesmaids I met along the way. Their interactions would cause me to reflect on the happy moments I felt during my own wedding day and the excitement that went along with it. However, gift boxing just wasn’t for me. I was spending a ton of money with no real return insight. That market was overly saturated making it really difficult to find a niche. Sadly, just after one year I made a tough decision to close the gift boxing business. I kept reminding myself to not get discouraged or give up no matter how I was feeling that day. I quickly gathered my thoughts and had another Idea for my second business called Botanica Naturale.

Botanica Naturale is a bath, body and skincare line that specializes in clean, non-toxic beauty products that are self made.

Success for me is truly in the eye of its beholder, keep your passions alive even if you’re a mother and wife. Never ever give up on your dreams, despite your past set backs. I encourage everyone to try something new and take the risk.

While my business is just starting I look forward to my journey ahead …. -Norma Harris.

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Capable of …..

The pieces of a broken heart will travel through the universe, creating a pathway for our true soulmates to find us ….❤️


A broken heart is actually severing ties with its past, while forgivingly mending its other half for a better future.

Do not give up on love and connections with others because past heartache. What was, is providing a pathway to your true soul mate who has been relentlessly searching to find you. We are all are capable of giving and receiving love. Remember to only look back when you need the strength to move forward.

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  • Looking out when uncertainties are clouding our visions and creativity.
  • Looking out to seek wisdom from those beyond us.
  • Looking out above obstacles obscuring our direction.
  • Looking out ahead of our destinations.
  • Looking out for confirmations that we are living not just existing.