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Greatness ✨

Be strong, be courageous, have courage, take risks, have hope, believe and do not let anyone or anything stand in the way of your destiny.


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Dedication is the same as spiritual and mental power.

Wherever we come from, we can swim in the deepest oceans without fear because we have the dedication and desire to be great.

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The Only Way ✨

Keep goodness in your heart and the mind will easily follow.♥️

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I know direction for some right now may feel dark and so obscured with the times. Please be strong, you are extremely valuable and will make it through this feeling. Direction will come, confidence will resurface. Take a moment to think back on the motivational force that continued propelling one forward, forgoing any fear and reconnect. Though we have been blinded by the times, we will continue to see clearly the bright future that awaits. We will make it out of the dark place.

We will not be stopped. ♥️

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The Plan✨

We must stop beating ourselves up for mistakes we have made In the past or goals we have yet to accomplish.

It is time to eliminate all of that negative energy and rebuild one’s sub-conscience, regenerate and rethink a more positive outlook. Without mistakes, we wouldn’t know growth. Without unsuccessful moments we wouldn’t continue to fight hard for our dreams.

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Ideal ✨

A journey is so uncertain.

Though we may not have all the answers, we are thankful for life today and the opportunity to continue to establish an Ideal path for our existence.♥️

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Thoughts ✨

A bad day is only minutes away from becoming a part of our past and the start of new and better beginnings.

Don’t become entangled In bad moments the hands of time can never reverse. ♥️

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With all the tumultuous changes we’ve all endured this year with our careers, job loss, remote work, remote school, business closures, financial progressions and setbacks, also loss of loved ones. Whichever impacted our lives, one thing’s for sure we will not give up the hopes of a better year ahead. It may be hard to see and feel today, but if we all channel our good thoughts into the universe better days will come. We have been so frustrated, but yet understanding, in-patient but yet patient. Let us hold dear in our hearts all who struggle an extreme battle with health. We are all with you. We will continue to hold our heads high, getting through the struggles we face and are thankful for our accomplishments and strengths this year has inspired. 2020 or 2021 will never stop our greatness. We got this, we will be ok. Stay strong.


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Can ✨

We can rebuild at any point within our lives. Giving up is never an option.