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A Rainy Day✨

A rainy day is the universe cleansing and refreshing our surroundings, which can stimulate motivational thoughts and ideas.

Rain washes all the negative energy out of the air and makes ways for the sun to purify our positive thoughts.

So next time we see rain get ready for some good days ahead ❤️

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Just Cher✨

I’m always asked Cher what inspires you?

I’ll start by saying everything that I post about comes directly from my heart, what I’m feeling that day and what I believe in. I’m not a doctor but everything I’ve personally gone through, random conversations I was so thankful to have with random people, family and friends inspire me. Listening and helping as much as possible is what I live for, It’s just who I am. Photography is another gift of inspiration. I always feel connected to everything in a picture.

Overall, I want everyone to be ok, to send a message that anyone can overcome anything no matter how big the obstacle. Life can be hard, with negativity everywhere. I try to separate my post from negativity as I would with my own life.

I also enjoy reading everyone’s blogs. There’s so many perceptions, amazing thoughts, ideas, concepts. The blogs are beautifully written and it’s truly honorable reading them all.

Enough about me lol

Thank you to everyone who follows or reads my posts. You are all very very very very appreciated and feel free to ask me anything, comment,💫or just simply enjoy the post ❤️

Let’s Journey Together ❤️