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With you ✨

With everyone spending more time together things that wouldn’t normally get under ones skin are now the center of one’s attention. This new normal that no one had time to mentally prepare for has everyone constantly bickering at one another.

Keep in mind life is short, no one’s guaranteed a lifetime with one another. When we find ourselves getting stuck in a combative place, remember why we chose one another. Focus on what’s brought us together, how much we’ve accomplished together, the team we have now become, the paths we have walked together, our laughter and our passions. Together we are each others force. This is hard but thankfully we have another minute, another moment. Let us spend time building together instead of tearing greatness apart. ❤️

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A road can lead us to many destinations. Roads can give us an opportunity to feel free, be one with ourselves for just a moment, connecting us to something beyond just a place. It’s endlessness welcomes our journeys. The breeze takes us back in time to good travels when the world seemed easier and less complex. Be open, be free and enjoy your time traveled on the road that was created just for you. ❤️