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Loss ✨

Until we meet again, our faith and connection to the universe through energy will forever keep us close, where your physical absence separates our unity. As the sun shines brightly on the path you have helped me create, your guidance and wisdom will keep me awake. So it’s never goodbye, It’s see you later, I’ll keep you with me now and forever … ❤️

Captured by venti.dos

Inspired by loss, but written with hope..

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Inspired ✨

Yesterday I became so inspired while having a random conversation with a college graduate who’s main focus and aspirations are to make changes in communities affected by poverty, deprived educational systems and public policy reform. Currently, a bachelor of environmental studies and seeking a dual masters in city, regional planning and public policy. She is one of many who now say are becoming more and more empowered by social media to make change. It’s truly admirable and I commend those wanting to reshape past footprints into doors of hope.

Keep inspiring and never give up💫