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Gifts ✨

The holidays are beautiful moments of time that can stimulate positive energy in our days..

The holidays can also be a sad reminder of the beautiful souls who no longer follow the path of life next to us.

Always remember that nothing can really leave that which we hold alive in our hearts. As long as we are here, we will hold on to precious memories and energies that will keep them present and connected with us forever.

Be strong, be brave and never lose sight of your natural gifts to keep love connected. ❤️

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Motions ✨

Do not give doubt to things you have yet to push your mind to do.

Positivity can help provide a creative window into the future.

Do not let inner sadness restrict your understanding of the power of life❤️

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Notes to Self ✨

Unconditional love is a universal giving.

Naturally connecting ❤️

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Created from the dust of stars, embodied with the oceans of the earth. You are the gift of life and the spirit of hope. Our unforeseen destiny will not arouse fear, but will instead give strength and determination to eliminate all obstacles on our paths.

Built from the best, to be the best❤️