Today ✨

“Today” is such a powerful word because it is a celebration of life around the world. Love today and every day, we are here!

Have an amazing one ♥️


September- A poem by L.G.

as the seasons change and transitions into fall

we gather our thoughts and ambitions to try and stand tall

as we search the leaves and trees for answers

we look to each other as enhancers

to build our glorious relationships and hold hands to reunite as one

the fall season has just begun

no stress no worries now

let’s live life as each leaf hits the ground


Beautifully engineered to illustrate resilience, human.

A work of art ♥️


There is light at the end of a dark street to help guide our way. Walk in the darkness with the trust and determination not to be disillusioned by self-created fear.


Choosing not to allow things to trigger our inner negativity can help keep the gates to regret closed.

We have the power to stay control.♥️


As we prepare for the many shifts in school, work, family and friends in September. Remember that you are strong, focused, engaged, passionate and carry the goodness within you to go through anything.

We got this, we are not alone. ♥️

The Idea ✨

Gift strength to others through hugs.

Build dreams with hands of hope.

Stand tall above defeat, fearlessly.

Conquer all challenges with belief in your purpose.

Thoughts ✨

A day of positivity equals 1440 minutes of good energy, good thoughts and good outcomes.

Good days for life ♥️

Reconciliation ✨

No matter how difficult a day can be, words like can’t, never and quit should not be used to reconcile the day. Though the day has ended, life has not. Aim for a peaceful and positive transition to the new day.

Restart ✨

Just as the sky projects its beautiful images with seemingly endless creativity, it’s never too late to refresh ideas and bring them into existence.

Never give up ♥️