When you come from nothing, always remind yourself that you are meant to be something great.

A Walk of Life ✨

A journey with many paths, a directional pattern towards destiny.

Along the way, look for branches of hope, take deep breaths of inspiration and always choose to spread positivity as a way to encourage others.

Path ✨

Stand away from the shadow of doubt and walk in the light of certitude.


Destined not to fail.

Awakened to dream big.

Challenged to learn and grow.

Weakened to find strength.

Negativity and obstacles will not hinder greatness.

Progress does not happen overnight, it happens when we have awakened.

November ✨

A month to work on inner peace, stimulate spirits and walk our way this month at a pace of comfort. Connect with family and friends and tap into your inner creativity and inspirations for serotonin stimulation. Maintain pure thoughts and positive energy♥️

Lucky numbers ☘️ 3,7,8,18,24,28

Dream ✨

Our dreams will not fail, they just need time to synchronize with the universe.

Some desired dreams may appear in different forms and ways, over time we will have an understanding of their presence and existence based on the key thoughts of our wishes.

Never Give Up ♥️

Notes to self ✨

Lock closed doors, forward thinking and the realization that fear does not belong in a motivated heart.

Essential ✨

An essential element of existence is not to remain stuck in the mistakes and regrets of the past, but rather to be humbled by the good times and achievements of today.

A Being ✨

Naturally imperfect, universally and beautifully designed to last a lifetime.

A life on energy, guided by sunlight and linked by love and purpose.

Pure ✨

The sun gives us energy, the moon holds our thoughts and the wind carries our wishes.

Nature is life, Nature is you ♥️