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The greatest gift pain can deliver is endurance and strength that we never knew we had.

Be strong, be brave, push forward ♥️

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Trauma may burden our souls and become a temporary distraction in our lives. Take whatever time is necessary to heal your heart and spirit. If you know someone who has experienced trauma, try to be as supportive and patient as possible to help your loved ones through difficult moments.
A journey is a journey by itself, but it is always gratifying when you have a positive support system in your space.♥️

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Strength ✨✨

The most precious life on earth is yours.

If this beautiful earth has not given up on you, you should not give up on you. ✨

Weather the storms one sunny day at a time.

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The Lift ✨

Sometimes we need to take a moment to remember what gave us the strength to cope with some of the most difficult days. To remind ourselves of what made us smile when we could not see beyond our most negative thoughts. To think back when we were not feeling our best, what gave us the clarity or motivation to move ahead on our journeys.

Inspiration is within us, within our good thoughts, ideas and creativity. Be contagious with good energy and spread it to those that mean the most to you in life.

Lift the day♥️

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Stay balanced, keep positive energy, restore good thoughts and stay away from negative mental fields that weaken our spirits.

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The Day ✨

Tonight’s beautiful sunset reminded me how we rise every day in hopes of a good day.

Good thoughts throughout our day can help eliminate the negativity we face when the day reminds us of all we have yet to accomplish.

Be gentle with your spirit, one thought at a time, you got this. Great days are ahead♥️

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Doors ✨

As we stare down the endless hallway of doors. We may face difficult decisions which may improve or discourage our way forward. Motivation, creativity and stability may sometimes seem out of reach or nonexistent. It is through our beliefs that we can and WILL open doors that will improve our destinies. It is within our beliefs that we WILL learn or build from which ever doors we open. We have the tools and strength within our minds to stay on a positive path towards a life that is beyond one’s expectations.

You possess the keys to life in your heart and mind. No door can stop greatness ♥️

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Tides ✨

When swimming against the tides of life, we will find the breath, energy and understanding. Continue to flow with the ways of water that connect us back to life.

Forward positive thoughts ♥️

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Between the ruff patches, there will be moments where everything appears to flow quietly together. Always focus on the moments that bring things together.

The future is bright ♥️

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Time ✨

We all seem to have a different and important destination, sometimes on the same paths simultaneously. Does time signify all that we know and think? Do we realize that, whatever day-to-day obstacles we face, our existence is the most fascinating and important part of our daily life. We are here to learn, love, explore and build bridges for others to cross. Although time should not be taken for granted, you are so special and important to the people around which you connect and spend time with.

Without you, time would be non-existent.

Thankful for another day.