Illuminate ✨

The full moon illuminates to brighten some of our darkest nights.

Always thankful for good vibes sent from up above♥️

Journey ✨

Unpack negativity and travel to a destination of inner peace.

The way ✨

Infect others with the goodness from your heart, kindness in your tone and the warmth of your smile. Pay life forward and inspire good interactions with others .

Waters ✨

Some days may feel as if we were left in the middle of the ocean submerged in an unclear direction. At that very moment we must view the water as a much-needed cleansing and a fresh start. We must pull ourselves together, realizing we have direction and are capable of an amazing life. We will overcome any struggles, no matter how deep the waters may seem. Believe in what we have control over, which is your life.

Altered ✨

The past is an altered recreation from memory that can not be changed and nothing more. As long as we are alive today, we can make any needed changes for preparation towards a better tomorrow.

Thoughts ✨

Good energies and lights are spread evenly among us all, choose your level of radiance.

Outshine all negativity, be great ♥️

Gift ✨

The biggest gift of today, is you..

Be proud, Stand tall, Live unlimited♥️

Self ✨

While we can actively listen to others, retaining knowledge, clarity, positivity, or anything that can be beneficial to our lives is a plus from those interactions. Filtering out gained negativity from others is extremely important to keep our positive energies safe.