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All that’s lost will become part of our inner connection and stored in our past thoughts. Those connections will stimulate our determinations, giving clarity and direction on how one can stay on a path of positivity while leaving negativity from one’s past behind.❤️

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Life ✨

It’s not a miracle you were given life, there’s a purpose.

Thankful for each day, thankful for each tomorrow..❤️

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Untouched ✨

No one thing has the power to permanently break one’s spirits. Negativity and challenge can only make us stronger. Our inner strength is an untouched reflective force that will continue to regenerate, lift and shield us from the very things bringing us down.

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Stars shine brightest in darkness. Continue to shine bright no matter how dark our days may feel.

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Light ✨

Take the edge off today by focusing on tomorrow’s inspirations.

Always just a day away…

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Do not let a temporary setback disrupt a path mapped towards progression.

Determination can’t be stopped ❤️

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Today as we rise, let us think of how we can eliminate negative thoughts and gravitate towards positive actions.

Another day to breathe and inspire.

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Seeds ✨

In order to regrow and nurture newly planted seeds, one must rid the space of weeds to make a way for healthy roots to grow.

All life and love needs room to blossom ✨

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Thoughts ✨

We can become more in tune with others when we understand the positive effects of incorporating Communication, Compromise and Unconditional words more often into our dynamics❤️. Grow together, not apart.