July 31st ✨

As we look back on the thirty-one day’ s July has brought us. Let us reflect one last time upon all the good and bad moments we may have experienced. Let us leave behind any negative vibes and energies we’ve acquired, so we may transition into August with a clean mindset.

Every month is not meant to challenge. We will continue to seek more good moments this August.

The Force ✨

Sometimes we may feel left behind as other’s paths may seem accelerated. Do not let that bring you down, your path is not hindered. Everything in life will be ok and you will make it. Believe in your journey. You are not a lost cause, you are a force. Stay focused, stay motivated and most importantly stay true to you.

Selfless ✨

Selfless souls are an amazing gift of life. Without them many of us would not know the difference between love and expectation. Their energy is pure. If you so happen to come across one be thankful of their presence and do whatever you can to pass their goodness on to the next❤️

The Map✨

For those of us who mapped out this amazing life and things didn’t quite work out that way for whatever reasons. Just know things were not meant to punish or destroy you. You were not chosen for failure. Your life is destined, that map we designed will come to fruition. You are special and a part of something truly beyond words and in time the pieces of your puzzle will come together rebuilding life bigger and better than ever before. ❤️.

Believe in your journey.

Dear Sunday ✨

Please give us the strength to endure our week ahead. Please sort out all thoughts from bad to good. Please eliminate any financial obstacles we possibly face this week.

Sunday, we look forward to you recharging our minds with positivity and good energy needed to get through our week.


More ✨

Today is more than just another day. Today is forever connected to our individual timelines of life. Today’s footprints will one day serve as guidance for those who choose to take a step back along their paths.

Youth ✨

As babies, we laughed at the simplest gestures, we watched the most colorful shows and processed as we learned. Our minds felt free.

I often wonder today where that energy has stored itself and how deep is it buried from within.

Laughing, letting go, and tapping into our youthful energy is something we have to incorporate more into our daily routines. We awaken to physical changes that are a part of the transitional phases of life. Our laughter and youthfulness will always be within us.