The list ✨

When writing life’s list of things to love be sure to place yourself as number one. Loving you will allow love to flow naturally and genuinely to others❤️

Us ✨

Our gifts to one another are the abilities to provide laughter, motivation and share common interactions with experiences we’ve encountered along our journeys.

We are what we need to keep each other going ❤️❤️

Grounds ✨

Foundations are composed of many blended elements that help keep our structures in place when establishing destinations for our families.

Roots not bound by ordinary, branches of knowledge, bricks for solidarity can add key positivity.


Sometimes burning bridges of those we no longer wish to cross is necessary if their presence has no genuine positive purpose for others to follow.

Rebuild, Restructure, Renew. ❤️

Confidence ✨

One’s confidence is an inner core that cannot be penetrated by weakness and judgements stimulated by others that surround us. ❤️


Those who cannot seem to escape the darkness. Please know that every tool needed to get out is within you. Close your eyes, while taking a deep breath and reaching forward with both hands begin taking one step at a time using one’s intuition until you sense the warm presence of light amongst your skin. When you finally open your eyes, you will look back to see the darkness has gone. The darkness internally represents fear, fear of our individual unknowing. Perseverance and beliefs in oneself and those that surround us will help break us free from limitations , enhancing our courage on our paths.


Allow ones natural abilities to enlighten and elevate ones ambitions.

Chasing what we are not, will lead us to something that we will never be.

Amazing you✨

A goal for most of us lately is adapting to today’s new normal for tomorrow’s big wins.

Thankfully, we all continue to work hard spiritually, mentally and physically. Our inner strengths never allow one to become idle no matter how big of a challenge from life.

Grateful ✨

Today’s purple and gray skies are a reminder of our homes true beauty, how lucky we are to live and grow on such a beautiful planet. When going through a hectic day, try to remember your life is your biggest fortune that keeps you striving forward to greatness.