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Lost Livelihood….

Surmounting fear.

Why me?

How could this be?

I don’t want to start over.

I’m afraid.

Lately tons of relentless thoughts are burning through our minds like wildfires. Just a month ago we all were employed and everything seemed to be going good. This was supposed to be our year of change we thought. For many savings, fitness, career and personal needs were goals we set as resolutions this past New Years. Now suddenly living check to check, working from home, furloughs and unemployment have become our new norm.

How are we supposed to bounce back from this? Will we now be in the running with the millions for a job single posting? What if I don’t have the strength to start over?

All of our feelings are very valid.

Many of us have endured an unlimited amount of obstacles for decades through life. How many times have we felt there was no coming back from a previous setback, and we did. In actuality that come back was even better than ever anticipated. In situations like these we somehow become vulnerable, allowing time for self reflection. Yes this will be an up hill battle, but in time things will be ok for our situations. Why? Because we have continued the fight for stability for every single thing that’s present in our lives. We have not allowed ourselves to stay defeated. Our motivations and passions were a driving force that kept excelling us forward in our past. That hasn’t changed. In time, we will continue working towards our goals again. We are valuable with priceless contributions to offer to our careers and life.

Do not doubt yourself, strengths or worth. Our endurance is an unstoppable force. We will over come this.

I believe in you, believe in you❤️❤️❤️

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