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Last night I decided to take a walk and catch a whiff of the cool breeze the night had to offer. My shadow looming as always, seemingly one step ahead of my thoughts. I began closing my eyes inhaling deep breaths in hopes for smoother days to come. The nights sky was crisp with clouds generously illuminating from the moon’s reflection so perfectly. I thought to myself, how can this be? Am I really a-part of this huge universe or is this a dream I can’t seem to awaken from? Life’s realities at times can feel surreal and become very overwhelming. As I continued to walk, I couldn’t help but notice many well manicured lawns and the smell of mulch surrounding each property. It wasn’t until then did I realize nature plays a huge contribution to our lives in such a positive way. I personally enjoy landscaping photography as a hobby because of its effortless beauty each shot seemingly captures. Nature I feel can be aesthetically pleasing, stimulating and naturally encourages inspiration that everyone can connect with it on some level. I can see why many choose to vacation in the most scenic settings for relaxation and can appreciate down time in the park with a good book. I admire how we unknowingly and quietly participate in natures transitions and rebirths. As each season nears its end, trees and plants are constantly shedding their pasts. Their leaves and pedals will slowly begin falling in preparation for a chance at blossoming, reconnecting and starting with a new beginning next season. Our failures, growth and abilities to blossom resembles nature. Every day we make the decision to pick ourselves up when feeling down we will be given the chance to reconnect and start with a new beginning.

Resilience is in all of us.

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