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Facing the day…😟

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There are days we’ve awakened to a to-do list of like 59 billion tasks. We may find ourselves wondering how on earth can we accomplish these task and still keep our sanity. My first thoughts are to stay calm, I know we are capable of executing every task on this list and if we can’t because of some unforeseen event I tell myself I’m ok with that as well. Most times If you’re like me these tasks simply cannot wait and must be completed. Things that have helped throughout my day when it comes to dealing with heavy pressure is trying to remove as much of the anxiety as possible. I begin telling myself you got this or it’s ok to relax those racing thoughts, taking many deep breaths, thinking of something hilarious, jokingly saying this list is a piece of cake when it’s more like chewing on a brick, remaining calm and still being open to others opinions. Also, if you find yourself becoming moody or frustrated over your list, try to not overwhelm yourself take your day one step at a time. Repeat to yourself you got this, you can and you will get these take done today. Shy away from as many negative thoughts as possible. Sometimes it’s the little whispers of daily reminders to ourselves that can pull us out of any overwhelming long days ahead. Be kind to yourself , you can do it ! ❤️

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Imperfections….🌹Who me ?

So often I hear from both genders the sheer disappointment with themselves because of these so-called imperfections. 😱growing up, I never really grasped the concept of what it was to exist inside our unique human bodies. I struggled with thin hair spots and often questioned why can’t I have what others have… It wasn’t until I’d gotten old enough to realize my body, my skin, my hair, my imperfections are such a beautiful part of who I am. They are not flaws, they are ME….we should take some time to truly stare at our exteriors in the mirror and be thankful. Thanking ourselves for carrying us through this journey of life, thanking ourselves for allowing every breath to flow peacefully through our lungs, thanking ourselves for allowing us to see this big colorful world 🌎 through our unique eyes, Thanking ourselves for awakening us to another day, thanking ourselves for all the beautiful memories whether good or bad that are our personal gifts to ourselves…. Thanking ourselves for our health and the ability to live and connect with others. While I am not perfect, I am thankful because regardless of the many humans to walk this earth, there’s truly only one me.🌹🌹🌹

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Nipsey Hussle … 🏁💫

Some days I still can’t wrap my head around such a devastating loss to his community, family and loved ones. I try to understand the need for such violence and I can never make sense of it. If you’re like me at times you have these moments where his image crosses your mind and sudden sadness begins to take over. When that happens I pop on his inspiring music, I read positive articles about him. I also think about all the lives he’s touched with his positive message and radiant smile he reflected onto those who knew him. Take the time to help another, speak in good words about another, remain positive and follow your dreams. Nipsey’s legacy will live on. Create a legacy of our own that will live on forever, positive vibes…#nipseyhussle

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Believing is believing 🌞

Look beyond those who say you can’t… believe in your passions and dreams🤔🤔. Those beliefs may seem so far beyond our reach. 🖋 them down, speak them into existence. We have the power to bring these passions to life… no matter how big, believing is believing so never give up !❤️✨✨ #inspire#believe#cher0805

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Morning Coffee…☕️

Sometimes taking the time to grab your favorite latte or cup of Joe can really help set the tone for a productive day ahead. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️. For me my morning latte 🥰 : the venti 6 pump vanilla latte, with whole Milk and no foam from Starbucks give me not just a sugar rush but a burst of good energy …..what’s yours?