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Every second ago is now of the past, the future is yet to exist. Take control of the new minutes and learn to love and exist❤️

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Optimistic that the new day will bring prosperity and good to all.

Stay dedicated to life❤️

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After a hard day, remind yourself that you’ve made it through. Recharge by focusing on the things you have programmed into the spirit that stimulate joy and comfort. Tomorrow we’ll be ready, ready to make the most of everything that yesterday tried to take.

Stay Strong❤️

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The unknown is non-existent when we remain masters of the day.

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Creative ✨

Creativity may be diminished by negativity and judgement. Remember who you are and how inspiring thoughts, ideas and concepts gave you such an explosion of good energy and abundance.

Creativity is within, your ideas are brilliant. Bring them to life and allow them to circulate throughout the universe.

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When turbulent moments interfere with our lives, causing a negative imbalance for periods of time. Try to sift through thoughts and identify the trigger of this negativity to find positive solutions.

There are many tools and resources to guide us through. You are not alone❤️

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Purpose ✨

Life’s journey is composed of our purpose

obstacles arise to the surface

and footsteps of our past do us a service

of making a day harder than what it must be

existence is a reminder

that with the sun’s new rising comes a new day of purpose

Written by L.G. a High School Student❤️

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That which is feared in the dark can be the same fears in the light of day, comforted by familiarity. Trust in your senses, strength and intuition when faced with fear. Be mindful of determination and perseverance as you are challenged.

Darkness and fear are meant to heighten our senses, so we know how to maneuver through life’s obstacles. Fear not what you will triumph over.

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Thoughts ✨

Concentration, self-awareness and actively listening to our surroundings and intuitions are ways to help us remain enlightened.

Be conscious and benevolent for inner peace and tranquility❤️

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Time is not a choice, but the manner in which we spend our time here is a choice.

Use your hands wisely ❤️.