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The Blue 🦋 and Red Butterflies✨

Written by, Lea G.

A little inspiration from a young poet 🦋

The b in blue stands for beautiful, but my whole life I did not see
the beauty that was held beneath me
the red her wings held
oh boy it made my heart swell
she was as sweet as a strawberry, but as red as a tomato
but the feelings that built up inside of me felt like a tornado
the insecurities I got from that red butterfly
it made me just want to cry
but as I soared through the sky and saw the colors
the vibrant, beautiful blue was like no other
I saw the beauty in myself and started to believe
I am worth it and that’s all I needed to be
I am the blue butterfly

3 thoughts on “The Blue 🦋 and Red Butterflies✨

  1. A vibrant assessment!🍃💫🍮🍮🔔

    1. Thanks bunches 💫🌟✨

      1. Have a great week ahead!

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