Remember ✨

As the weekend nears, let us remember we are living, we are breathing, and for everyday we see light the odds are with us not against us. Tonight before we rest our eyes, remember to thankfully smile for the excitement of tomorrow’s awakening.

Family Thanks✨

Gray clouds won’t last forever ❤️

To all the family’s staying strong and not buckling under the pressure of all that we are facing. We give thanks for your commitments and your examples of what bonds and strength look like during these hard times. Thank you for leading the way for our future generation by showing unity, and not diversion during these unforeseen events. Family moments like these will stay with us forever.

Life’s fruits ✨✨

We’ve all had those days when we would take a glance around at all that we’ve accomplished throughout the years, due to hard work and dedication. Yet as soon as we begin to smile and feel a sense of pride our minds begin racing with tons of anxiety and fears as to what’s next or could this be it for me?

At that moment it’s time to start rethinking to ourselves, this is not it for me I still have my health, my mind, and even tho I’m a bit older, I am still the same being with the same drive I had some time ago. I’m still just as capable as others with just as much life to live and wisdom to share. I am determined to not let today’s thoughts hinder my future in any way. We are brave, and ready to let all feeling of doubt pass. Today we know who we are and where we are going.

We got this ❤️


The obvious directions on ones journey could be the contentment that’s holding one back. We will look beyond our comfort, while taking the lead to pave a new path towards greatness.

We can be anything we seek out to be✨

Blossom ✨

Understanding that deeply rooted issues can make ways for the blossoming of beautiful beginnings, capable of growth. Rebounding and soaring way beyond others doubt, while shadowing strength and courage to those that follow.

We are so much more ❤️💫

Seeking ✨💫

Success is given to us as a tool to pay it forward, such as providing for our families, giving to others in need and stimulating positive change. It’s not given for purposes of deception, greed and selfishness. We must teach others the way to attain and maintain success not just financially but mentally as well. Remain available to those who seek your guidance, nourish ones mind to seek beyond potential limitations set through personal goals.

Luck ✨✨

Days when we feel the world is not with us, or may feel unlucky. Luck is with us. Luck may not reveal it’s self sooner because we are solely awaiting on its miracle to fulfill our hopes and wishes immediately. While that’s possible, We should start to actually feel that we are lucky to allow positive energy to flow into the universe. When we awaken to a new day we should speak out loud that we are lucky and really try to embrace those feelings . These conversations can help remove the walls of negativity that prohibits luck from occurring in our lives faster. ❤️

We are not the strings that connect to bad luck..

Create ✨

Some of the strongest trees are found in the most exposed places.

If we really believe in something, writing out our ideas and speaking them into existence is key . Knowing our potential is beyond comprehension. Bringing our creations to life is in our hands ✨.

Inside ✨

Awakening each day glancing into a mirrored reflection of oneself, aesthetically blinded by ones external physical changes due to familiarity. Internally, motivation runs through our pores, intellect fills our minds, confidence emerges through ones smile. Today feels different we are determined to meet goals and expectations and are ready for all challenges coming our way. We will not be hard on ourselves today but more encouraging and supportive to our spirits.

You are great ❤️

The time traveler✨

Humans – Time travelers In search of a fulfilled destination. Seeking success and wisdom while fighting through obstacles of diversion. Humans were born with instilled resilience and dedication to themselves and their families. Giving 100 percent determination towards never giving up❤️..

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