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Luck ✨✨

Days when we feel the world is not with us, or may feel unlucky. Luck is with us. Luck may not reveal it’s self sooner because we are solely awaiting on its miracle to fulfill our hopes and wishes immediately. While that’s possible, We should start to actually feel that we are lucky to allow positive energy to flow into the universe. When we awaken to a new day we should speak out loud that we are lucky and really try to embrace those feelings . These conversations can help remove the walls of negativity that prohibits luck from occurring in our lives faster. ❤️

We are not the strings that connect to bad luck..

2 thoughts on “Luck ✨✨

  1. I agree. We should also begin to recognize even the smallest “miracles” of our lives, which will generate more.

    1. Yes so true ❤️

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