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Alive ✨✨

I was sitting on my back step the other day, I couldn’t help but to tune myself into the sounds of birds chirping, buzzing bees, wind brushing up against the flowers and trees, laughter echoing from children a few yards away and the glimpse of clouds floating above my head. I realized every single thing on this planet is alive, with billions and billions of worlds seeming to present themselves in my own back yard. As I noticed the air planes high in the sky, I remembered flying and looking out the window below and as far as the eye could see there was not one human in view. Nature, water and landscaping was the only dominating force insight. I thought to myself while we feel dominant here on earth, from above we are a tiny part of this floating planet. That earth is life and a chance to experience this life is priceless, our existence here should never be taken for granted, we should be kind to one another, because here on earth humans are a just fraction of the multitude of life. ❤️

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