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Petals in the wind✨

As the weather warms It’s a good time to let go of some of our past thoughts that may still bring us down. On a beautiful day, write down a list of thoughts you wish to let go, For each thought, choose a rose petal or flower petal and place it in your hand. Close your hand tightly and raise your hand close to your heart while closing your eyes and speaking out loud why you are letting go of this thought. Then grab a zip lock bag and place the petal gently in. Repeat these steps for all your thoughts. Next, choose a destination like a beach, park or a spot that means a lot to you. Empty the petals and take a deep breath, promising yourself to never speak on these chosen thoughts again. If you find your conscious takes you back one day to any of your chosen thoughts. Think back on this day and how good it felt to finally be free❤️

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