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Kind ❤️✨

A few days ago I went to grab a quick latte from Starbucks. I pulled up to the window and handed my phone to pay, but the barista informed me the person ahead had paid for my drink already. I was taken aback for a moment, during these hard times with unemployment rates skyrocketing, others are thinking about helping. Something in me wanted to speed out of the line and search for the car that covered my tab and immediately give them a billion thanks. I knew I had to keep the line moving. I then paid for the person behind me and the person behind them. As I drove away, I then spoke the words thank you out loud in hopes the universe would send that message to the car before me… ❤️

Sometimes it’s just the small gestures in life that can make some ones day. Saying thank you or holding the door for another can mean the world to someone going through a hard day. 🌎

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