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I can remember a few months back hoping in my car heading down the highway, cracking the window and letting my mind circulate my normal to-do list. Today like many we find ourselves on this huge never ending roller coaster of emotions. Our lives have become this long winding road of fear, uncertainty, struggle, sadness and confusion. We watch and read what we can handle on social media, and we differ on so many levels about specific topics. Our jobs and finances may have changed, and yet we tend to smile back through our monitors in our new home offices, while attending hour long Zoom meetings to make others happy. We make sure to keep our moral boosted for our bosses in hopes to always feeling essential because we know deep down our lifestyles can’t handle another penny less. How in this day is it possible to stay positive? Staying positive is the only way. Our families and jobs depend on our strength in keeping everything tied together. Times like these we have to keep looking towards the future knowing that when things have settled, we will breathe again, laugh together, eat together, unite with our religious beliefs as one and pack school lunches with smiley faces for our children once again. Those thoughts give us hope. Our future selves depend on us making it through today. Please stay strong, grounded and take things one day at a time, we will get through this…..❤️ hope.

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