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By choice or …… ✨✨

For those of us who have been in committed relationships or even those in new ones, we can sometimes feel our partners’ willingness to commit is not a choice but more of an obligation based off the amount of time each partner has vested into the relationship. It’s really important despite the length of time with a person, understanding commitment given to one another is voluntary no matter how much love is involved. We should be thankful for each day with our partner, thankful at the end of our long days we share a common goal of finding our way back to one another. In life finding someone who wants to be present and contributes towards an amazing future is extremely difficult to find. Take each moment in and embrace your love, your partner. Those who are still seeking companionship, just know your soul mate is looking for you as well☺️ and your paths will cross❤️ stay strong, stay connected.

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